Meet the King and Queen of Crypto! With a regal flair, they’ve broken free from the Base chain confines to reign supreme as the power couple of Solana.

What are sol-mates ?

In a bold move fueled by love, this adventurous couple departed from the traditional base chain community and sought refuge in Solana. Despite facing disapproval and rejection from their former community, their bond remained unshaken, finding solace and acceptance in the vibrant ecosystem of Solana. Together, they embraced a new chapter in their lives, where love triumphed over the constraints of societal norms. This labeling them SOL-MATES.


90% liquidity
5% marketing
5% Team



Sol-mates thrives on strong partnerships within the Solana ecosystem, leveraging collaborative efforts to enhance its reach. By aligning with key players in DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain infrastructure, Solmates fosters long-term value for its community. These partnerships amplify Sol-Mates’ mission to empower users, drive adoption, and contribute to Solana’s vibrant ecosystem.

Meme culture

Sol-Mates is dedicated to growing through meme culture and community engagement. With a constant flow of relatable memes and community-building initiatives we’ll propel Sol-Mates to new heights within the Solana ecosystem.

Strong Community Support:

our project’s success hinges on your unwavering support. Together, we can achieve remarkable milestones and propel our vision forward. Your active engagement, shilling , and raiding are crucial in shaping the trajectory of our project. With your steadfast support, we will overcome challenges, and realize our shared aspirations. Let’s stand united and drive our project to unparalleled success.




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